Dr. Charles East

Consultant in ENT and Facial Plastic surgery.

The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital Consultant Surgeon, Craniofacial deformity service University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Honorary Senior Lecturer University College London


Science Scholarship to Oakham School – 1970

Hallet Prize – 1982
Royal College of Surgeons of England

Bernard Baron Research Scholar
UCMSM – 1990

Angell-James Prize
Otolaryngology Research Society – 1990

Autor de libros

R.S. Dhillon and C.A. East ENT Head & Neck Surgery – a Text and Colour Atlas.
Churchill Livingstone 1994
2nd Edition 1998
3rd Edition 2004
4 th Edition 2011

Book Chapters

1. Scott-Brown’s Otolaryngology        Examination of the nose.

2. Operative Surgery       Septoplasty and repair of septal perforations

3. Scott-Brown’s Otolaryngology     Chapters on septal perforation, deviated noses, nasal augmentation

Medicolegal Experience

Since 1992 I have undertaken medicolegal reports following instruction for personal injury, and alleged medical negligence. I have attended many case conferences and I have experience of giving evidence in the high court.


Combined transconjuctival/endoscopic repair of medial canthus

Frontoethmoidal mucocele following paediatric craniofacial surgery.

Single Incision access for harvesting conchal cartilage and temporalis fascia in diced cartilage fascia grafts

Face-Q Questionnaire-Rhinoplasty patients,and quality of life

Fascial layers and fascial fat compartments: focus on me cheek area.

Evidence base in facial plastic surgery – guest editor facial plastic surgery

Measuring patient reported outcomes in rhinoplasty using the face – Q: a single site study

The Facial soft tissue effects of orthognathic surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty: what can we learn from error patterns? An analysis of revision surgery

Development and psychometric evaluation of the face – Q Scales for patients undergoing rhinoplasty

Courses/lectures given by Charles 2008-2013

1 Nasal septal perforation repair- one day live surgery symposium with Prof R. Grenman. RNTNE, London January28th
2 Royal Society of Medicine,London. Cosmetic Surgery Day, February 25th.Session chair
3 Menlow Park, CA. Balloon Sinuplasty course March 24th
4 Course convener, Rhinoplasty and Septal surgery course, UCL April 2rd.
5 Craniofacial conference- Orbital blowout repair, management of nasal trauma May22-23rd, Royal Institute of Engineers, London
6 European Academy of Facial plastic surgery meeting, Stresa May 29-30
7 Septoplasty surgery- Pan Thames training day,June 2rd
8 ENT UK annual meeting, Sept 5th, London
9 British Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Facial Trauma, Manchester ,September 26th
10 Pan Thames Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery course, London, November 11th
11 North of England Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery course, Nov 14th .
12 1st Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty course,28-29th November.2008 Principle speaker
13 Pan Arab Plastic Surgery Conference,Tripoli,Libya. April 2009.Invited speaker.
14 British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology,Liverpool July 2009
15 24ème Cours Supérieur d’Anatomie Chirurgicale et de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique de la Face et du Cou de Nice les 24, 25,26 Septembre 2009.
16 Lecturer, Intercollegiate Revision Course, Ear Institute UCL March 2010
17 Rhinoplasty,Facial Plastic Surgery course, UCL. Course convenerand lecturer March 2010 18 2nd Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty course- Principle speaker. March2010
19 Sinus Forum Symposium, New York, July 2010.Delegate
20 European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery,annual meeting,Antalya Turkey. September 2010 Speaker.
21 Sinus Forum, New York July 2011.Participant
22 Rhinoplasty Facial Plastics week- March 2011. Course convener.
23 RSM Ophthalmology Division.October 2011. Endoscopic Orbital decompression for thyroid orbitopathy. principle speaker
24 IMCAS Paris January 2012. Invited speaker The Deviated nose after surgery
25 3rd Bergamo Open Rhinoiplasty Course. Invited international guest speaker, 1-3rd March 2012
26 Lecturer, Q-Med academy, Royal College of Physicians, London 9th March 2012
27 EndoVienna, march 29-April 2012 Speaker and symposium moderator
28 Founding Congres, The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe e.V, Stuttgart April 21st.2012 Speaker and Founder Member. Executive board member.
29 Lecturer, International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies Rome, May 2012
30 Lecturer and Moderator,14th BACO 4-6th July 2012
31 Invited Lecturer, Royal Society of Medicine Plastic Surgery,9th Octobre 2012. Assesment in rhinoplasty, The Septum, whats new in rhinoplasty ?
32 Invited lecturer, Plastic Surgery Symposium, Hamburg ,19th November 2012. Open and Close book Technique
33 The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe :Video Symposium,IMCAS 2013 Paris. January 21st. The Deviated Nose
34 Middle East Update in Otolaryngology 21- 22 April 2013. Rhinoplasty faculty- lectures on Deviated nose, revision rhinoplasty
35 84th Annual meetinf of the German Society of Oto-RhinoLaryngology Nuremberg, 11th may 2013. Round table. The 4 planes of the nasal valve.
36 CCR Expo, London October11-12th 2013. Lecturer,The biophotonic scanner and wellness, what can we learn from revision rhinoplasty ?
37 IMCAS lecturer January 2014. Rhinoplasty panel
38 RSM Interventional cosmetics groups 6 th international multidiciplinary annual meeting 28th February. Faculty member, workshop organiser.
39 3rd Begamo open rhinoplasty course, March 2014. Faculty member,8 presentations.
40 Nice Rhinoplasty Expert Workshop,March 15-18th 2014,Teaching faculty.
41 Face nose and eyes 2014 Aesthetic Symposium and cadaver workshop. University Hospitals Coventry May 8-11th Faculty member,Principle lecturer and lead for nasal dissection.
42 British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons 30th Annual meeting, London,2014 : 10 problems with Rhinoplasty and how to avoid them. Principle speaker
43 Independant Rhinoplasty Research society meeting Hamburg,Germany 4/10/2014
44 SCIPRE ,Bergamo,Italy.14-16th October 2014. International guest speaker Rhinoplasty forum.
45 MyRhinoplasty London 19-21st November 2014.Royal College of Surgeons of England. Principle speaker,moderator
46 Rhinology Unites, 21-24th November 2014. ISIAN-IRS-PARS 2014,Dubai. Lecturer,course convenor.
47 IMCAS paris.-17th world congress, 28-31st January. Faculty, Rhinoplasty section
48 Facial Plastic Surgery UK, Royal College of Surgeons of England.,London 23/02/2015. Lecturer
49 Rhinoplasty istanbul Workshop 10-11 th April 2015
50 7th International Eurasian Aesthetic Surgery Course Istanbul. Principle faculty member,live surgery. 18-21st June 2015
51 Advances in Rhinoplasty May 2015,Chicago. Principle speaker
52 ECAMS Barcelona 2-3 October 2015-11-01 Speaker
53 Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty,Otoplasty and Facial contouring October 2015. St Petersburg. Principle speaker, live surgery
54 January 2016 Rhinoplasty workshop, Dubai. Principle speaker
55 5th Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course, March 15-19th 2016 live surgery and lectures.
56 Principle speaker Turkish ENT Society,Antalya April 2016.
57 SOFCEP- Bordeaux Rhinoplasty forum May 12th-14th 2016 Chair and speaker.
58 North German ENT society Hamburg June 3rd 2016 – speaker
59 International Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Societies, Versailles, 7th September 2016. Principle speaker
60 7th PARS Bahrain Conference- Principle speaker 16-18th November 2016
61 3rd Delhi Rhinoplasty Course, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. International guest speaker,live surgery 3rd/4th December 2016
62 International Guest speaker APKO meeting, Frankfurt 28/01/2017
63 Advances in Rhinoplasty (AAFPRS) Chicago 5th -7th May 2017 Principle speaker
64 Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop June 2-4 th 2017. Principle speaker
65 EAFPS Annual Meeting, Lisbon, September 2017 Principle speaker
66 World Expert Meeting, Barcelona, September 2017
67 Live Surgery RSE course Istanbul 2017. Live surgery and lectures.
68 2nd Paris Rhinoplasty Video symposium (IMCAS) January 31st- 1st February 2018 Speaker
69 Annual meeting of the RSE and 6th Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty course, Principle speaker. 4th March-17th March
70 FPS UK, London speaker ,13th April 2018
71 14th International Erlangen course in Facial Plastic Surgery, April17-20th 2018 principle speaker
72 SOFCEP, May 2018 Lyon, annual meeting. Principle speaker
73 Madrid Rhinoplasty course – Live surgery, panel discussions and Keynote lecture. June 13th -16th .Madrid